The Eden Project

Opened in 2001, Eden is a unique regeneration project and an architectural and horticultural wonder of the modern world. Created on the site of an old china clay mining pit, the project's main focus are two huge Biomes - the largest greenhouses in the world.

One houses an amazing array of plants from a Mediterranean climate, such as olives, citrus fruits and vines. The other Biome, 55 metres high, contains an incredible tropical Rainforest with hundreds of plants and trees and over twenty different displays, from a Malaysian garden to a banana plantation.

The humid conditions in the Rainforest are created using recycled rainwater, and this is just one of the ways the Project aims to be as green as possible.You will learn lots about plants and the environment, and how we rely on them. Find out where the coffee you drink and the chocolate you eat comes from.

And surrounding these magnificent structures there are lots more gardens and plantings - in fact three-quarters of Eden's plants are outside.

The Core, Eden'sEducation Centre, is one of the most sustainable buildings in theworld. The ground floor, which is accessible to children through a tinydoor and down a slide, has spectacular exhibitions based on the powerand importance of plants. On the second floor you can find exhibitions,films, talks and children's workshops, and up on the top floor a cafe and terrace with stunning views over thebiomes.

There are many places to find good food, with the emphasis on fresh, healthy,locally sourced ingredients. The main food hall is between the twobiomes, but there are other food outlets around the site. They caterfor meat eaters as well as vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets.There is also a shop selling Eden gifts, books, gardening items andlots more.

Eden puts on some really greatexhibitions, special events and courses all year round. And with lotsof activities for the kids, especially in the school holidays, there issomething for all the family. For music lovers, the popular EdenSessions concerts have seen some really good bands and artists playingin Cornwall. And what a venue! At night the Biomes and gardens, all litup, make an impressive backdrop.

And because The EdenProject is a charity they qualify for GiftAid, so if you choose toGiftAid your admission fee, then in return you can get in free for awhole year! That’s just by paying the standard admissionprice!  For more information on admission prices and opening times, and to find out more about activities andevents throughout the year, visit Eden's website.